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Case Studies

How COGNOSOS developed its asset tracking app while balancing the optimisation aspectsro
How VUMI was able to test it's mobile app in over 1200 different mobile devices in 10 days
How Appzoro was able to develop multiple live streaming platform from a single handset in a week
How Uspace Developed its first end to end encrypted messaging platform
How BlockChat Developed its messaging with Ethereum
How process automation helped Skoozi reach the market 4 months earlier
How Judicial Innovations achieved cost reduction and faster time to market with server less & blueprint plan
How IMSAFENOW made safety for women and children possible with technology
How Truck Your Way got the perfect mix of interface and user experience

5 Ways to Proof Your Software Strategy

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We have used and learned these strategies by working and scaling over 40+ startups and business. These are the ways which is mostly the problem unidentified in major products leading them to either user failure or market failure. Get it before your competition gets it.