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Top 9 Challenges in Artificial Intelligence in 2021 | Rohan Girdhani

AI implementation in business faces several Challenges, and Problems Let Check out the Challenges of AI in this Blog Read More.....

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3 ways to avoid cloud outages and improve system performance

In This blog we have make list of Cloud Causes Outages. Tip about how to prevent Cloud Outages With IT Consultant... Read Now for More Details..

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How IT Consulting can help your Businesses in 2021 | IT Consultant

IT Consulting helps to build technology infrastructures, helps to build technology product, with fully Market Research know more about why IT Consultant is Improtant

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What is Network Security? Network Security Defined, Explained, and Explored

The Network Security key allows users to establish secure connections and prevent unauthorized access to the network. Read Now

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What is Defense in Depth? Defined, Explained, Know More in 2021

Defense in Depth is the use of numerous security measures by the data owner or custodian to ensure the integrity of the data in their possession.

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What is Cloud Security? Cloud Security Defined, Explained, and Explored

Want to know what is cloud security & how's protects the cloud environment against unauthorized access. then read this blog we have written in detailed..

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Outsource IT Services with the Most Talented Engineers in the Industry

In this article you will learn models of IT Outsource service models and benefits and disadvantages. and Work with talented engineers for IT Services.

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3 Cutting-Edge Technologies Reshaping Real Estate Industries

Technology has been an essential part of the real estate industry, and this has been a major push for growth in recent years. The journey from virtual staging to digital.

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Enterprise Cloud Computing Services: What to Look For

Cloud computing can be deployed in different ways depending. In this blog you will know which are the points considered when use enterprise computing service

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What Is the Difference Between Onshore and Offshore Company?

Want to know difference between onshore development and offshore development company then read this blog with complete guide

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Mobile App Architecture & How to Start Building One in 2021

In the most basic form, the mobile app architecture embraces a set of patterns and techniques that developers follow to build a fully structured

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Top 12 Software Development Methodologies You Should Know

Find out the best software development methodologies to maintain proper workflow! and know about Software Development

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Benefits of cloud computinh in healthcare industry.png
Cloud Computing in Healthcare as The Future Of The Industry

in this article, you will know what is cloud computing in healthcare, and how it helps to grow the healthcare industry in 2021

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15+ Useful Agile Metrics in Scrum and Kanban: Measure Quality, Productivity and Performance

Here are the top 15+ Metrics which can help you increase productivity Quality, Team Work Status.. scrum, metrics that are necessary for successful

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What is VPN? & Should You Always Use A VPN?

You Know your Online Communication might be tracked? But Don't worry VPN Protects your Data and Encrypts all Info. Read More About VPN Network

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Who is Hacker Target | How do hackers pick their targets?

How hackers target their victims, in this blog we have made a list of Hackers Target and how they catch it. Read More and Learn More

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9 Benefits of Cloud Computing for Individuals And Organizations | Rohan Girdhani

You want to know what are the benefits of cloud computing for Organizations and Individuals, Read all the advantages of cloud computing in this blog and Learn more.

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How to increase your productivity at Work | Deep Work Strategies

If you've got a happy workforce, their productivity will increase, and this is what will help ... It's also vital that you're open to changing the way you work.

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What is cloud Services? Everything you need to know about Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is the on-demand availability of computer system resources without direct activation, especially data storage (cloud storage) and computing power.

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What is future of Serverless Computing | Advantages of Serverless Computing

Serverless computing could change the way you do business by allowing your enterprise to work faster, harder, and smarter while reducing operational costs. know more about Serverless Computing

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Things you don’t know about serverless computing

Serverless computing can save your company money and maintenance time, You should know all about serverless computing. Read this blog.

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What is USB Drop Attack and How to Survive | Rohan Girdhani

USB Drop Attack is Cyber Criminal use for Data Hack and if you want to know how to Survive after attack Read More

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Robots Trend in Future | Industrial Robots Trends in Future (2021)

Trends in industrial robots expected to drive robotics innovation in 2021 and beyond. Read More & Learn Trends in Industrial Robotics

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Data Age 2025: The Evolution of Data to Life-Critical | Rohan Girdhani

The entire data over the internet in 2019 is 4.4 ZB, but more staggeringly predict that this will grow to 44ZB of data this year. In fact, IDC predicts the world's data will grow to 175 ZB by 2025!

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What is Difference between Public Network and Private Network

You want to know what is the difference between a public network and a Private Network read This Blog your all queries will be solved here about the network.

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Computer Cybercrime
What is Computer cyber crime? | History of Cyber crime

Use of internet and computer is increasing day by day, also increase Online Cybercrime, In this time we Should be Avoided by all types of Crimes.

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Sustainability and Renewable Resources in Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is the Next Generation of MSE(Manufacturing execution system) Sustainability and Renewable is most impact in MSE Tech, Read More

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The Critical Importance of DEEP Work - The Complete Guide

The tech industry, especially the security industry, seems outrageously overwhelming to newcomers and even as an intermediate “InfoSec Pro” there seems to be an overwhelming number of paths and topics one can focus on. The problem most of us, especially newcomers, the encounter is that we don’t know

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Why is project management important for an Organization?

Why go anywhere else it started when I was appointed as a project manager, having experience in managing projects but things changed when I started to learn about PMP and modifying the available knowledge to different projects. It was like projects could be so much more effective and efficient than we think or assume they are.

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How to bring innovations into your software product?

Innovations are directly correlated with culture and creativity. You cannot drive a new innovation with the same old thinking. To drive innovations we need to enhance creativity and deep work habit

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The Surprising Psychology of Successful Entrepreneurs

“Many entrepreneurs are fully aware of the risks in launching a business, but they believe their idea is important enough that it’s worth trying anyway,” said Travis Howell, PhD, an assistant professor of strategy at the University of California

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The Fastest Way You Can Get Hacked Online

In this Digital Era Everyone wants to avoid being hacked, Read Our Blog and Learn Which Fastest Ways are used in a Hack

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What will be the future of Artificial Intelligence?

The growing momentum of AI and its results in all the major fields are going to be soon visible in near future. As AI increases, bots are gonna be much smarter and even cross human cognition capabilities.There has been a 14X increase in the number of active AI startups since 2000. These and many other fascinating insights are from Stanford University’s inaugural AI Index

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Precautions while deploying your product on the cloud

Cloud is the new way of distributing, managing scaling the platform and the application. After rigorous evaluation and phase of development and testing, your problems are yet existing in the final distribution resources

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Software Release Life Cycle Phases

Ever been through the process and scratching heads and generating panic every now and then. If this is so you need to take a close look at

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Checklist before launching a new product

On a verge of launching your product or reaching a stage where the launch is near this checklist would help you out in planning upon what's to come as it is very easy to get ahead of yourself envisioning all the sales, recognition and success that will stem from your offering. But as every

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How to secure your product effectively

Product security is now more in demand than ever before and this blog is connecting the needs keeping in touch with the iterative nature of the product lifecycle and not only the traditional waterfall lifecycle. The need for the security of the product generally comprises all the steps of your product lifecycle.

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How to avoid and overcome software failure

Software now being an integral part of business success, playing a crucial role in business development and making processes faster and better than before. Softwares are being very useful in each and every area of business turning several processes into more accurate, reliable, and faster than ever before.

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Why do software projects fail and the traps you could avoid that could bring disaster

Many startups and business are being doomed right from the start. Have you experienced that in your business while developing your application software? That seems to be the case in many of the projects and they don't seem to work as they should.

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5 Ways to Proof Your Software Strategy

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