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Helping you get your tech to the market
within 6 months.
Without worrying about the product ownership.
Leave the fuss to us.

What can i offer?
My Journey to be a “Tech Leader”

Hi, I am Rohan Girdhani. I help entrepreneurs get to their tech to the market faster and better than the market. We all have accepted the fate of software development as a heavy duty task. But in real world we have good engineers, managers. What we don’t have is right proven process for softwares just theories.

For more than a decade of working with more than 30 startups and government projects. Coming from a commerce background wasn’t an easy feat but I had to carve my path towards the life I want.

Let’s embrace the technology and power of management combined and get our competition out of the way. I also help young engineers and managers with the software blueprint system to advance their career to the next level. This is the skill that most companies want to hire for.

“Let’s achieve the next level together”

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See Where Experties of
Rohan Lies?

6+ Certifications

Award badge Rohan Girdhani recieved
Lead Auditor Certification
Project Management Istitute Certification
Amazon Web Services Certification
Deakin UniversityCertification

Startups Attended


Technologies Covered

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Business Owners Loves Me

At core i believe in three C's - Consistency, Communication and Commitment. And we don't break these in any situation. We have a strong network of tech professionals ready to work, without worrying about the hiring problems.

1:1 Coaching
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On site and Off Site Training
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Scaling Strategies
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Software Blueprinting
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Handholding Development
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R&D Novel Solutions
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Software Audit
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Fractional CTO
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What Rohan Offer in all?

We don't provide services.
We provide expierences. Powered with passion, creativity and the vibe.
Focus on other areas, we handle the tech.


Software Blueprint Course >

Helping you master the softwares. The perfect combination of technology and management of softwares.


Tech Advisory >

Strugging with your software, needed a firm software to reach the market?


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John Adamski

I have had the pleasure of working with Rohan through multiple phases of product development and his execution and attention to detail skills are excellent

Tobin Brogunier

Rohan is an exceptional communicator. In terms of account management, he excels at bridging the sizable gap between developer code application and client software goals - anticipating the needs of both, reaching a balance that makes sense, and finding clear paths to move forward. I'm looking forward to having Rohan spearhead the Fall 2020 round of development of USpace.

Jarrett Gorlin

One of the most talented and efficient developers I have ever worked with.