Proven software & blueprinting for teams and startups:

Making lives of CEOs and Owners easier

Reduce your time to market by 30%.

Let me show you the exact systems and frameworks I used for around 40 startups β†’

Get your software audited and consultation from me plus
get access to proven software blueprinting:

Team Training


Leverage your current team to upgrade and get to speed


Cost of upscaling will always be lower than cost of hiring


Why missing "opportunities" when you team can do it.


"On-Site" and online training available worldwide.

Software R&D


"Are you sure" your idea is fit for the market and feasible technically?


Get technical R&D for a new feature or software and beat the competition


Call now to understand how the R&D process works and uncover the software secrets


Save a lot of money by getting an expert opinion and clear path of your new product line



Forget Agile/Scrum and get step by step technical blueprint of your software


The truth is 90% of softwares are never built on time and have quality issues

πŸ› οΈ

Zero to hero blueprint customized to your team's strengths and weakness


Reduce time to market and significantly improve quality of your delivery to customers

Hand holding startups and tech enterprises grow with strategic insights that you can rely on

Action-Based Guarantee

Take free ConsultationDo that and aren’t happy?Get a no-questions asked refund in your first 30 days.

"Look for yourself how my consultation have helped companies in the past."

Take a look at Case Studies

Grow faster without the guesswork.

Join hands with the expert at the job who "has built complex systems firsthand."

Sell Your Product Faster

Scale Predictably

Why you need a "Software Blueprinting" to stop the seesaw of software development and pertaining issues and focus more on business.

Built for Owners and teams

Stop Wasting Time

Why top sotware startups and companies learn from the best practices and continiously train their teams from an outside expert who is involved in multi dimensional projects.

Expert Peer Feedback

Don't Do it All Yourself

As a owner you need to be consistently track your software teams and product? Wrong! thats not your job, Get Rohan as your Interim handl holding CTO saving huge sums of money.

Software audit and Novel R&D Solutions

Do not get stuck

Tech should not be your problem anymore, your vision and your business should be. Get Novel R&D solutions and scale together

What's included in working with Rohan?


Private Coaching


On site and Off Site


Software Blueprinting


Handholding Development


R&D Novel Solutions


Software Audit


Team formation


Scaling Strategies


Success Parties


Free access to Latest Resources


Strong Peer Community


Continued Q&A Support

* $1500 of value. You and your team get my paid, premium resources included as part of partnership.

Act now. Let me help you on your best life projects.

Your Success is my Success


What do Rohan actually do with our teams?

Rohan visits your premises and talk to each member of your team and develop a custom software blueprinting for your team and train them on your live project

I've been burned on courses, communities, and coaches. How is this different?

Look, I've been there. When I grew my business well before 2020, I tried all of that myself. I wasted money on expensive masterminds and coaches. I joined communities. I've built my consultancy service out of those failed experiences. It's the reason all of my case studies are solving a very unique challenges

What will my business look like after joining hand with Rohan?

Rohan is not full of magic beans. What I find is that I work commitedly with the team and owners like its my own business and I always takes the hard decisions first which is in the best interest of the business

Does this come with any sort of guarantee?

Rohan provides an Action-Based Guarantee. Get your first software researched or blueprinted and if you do not like it. No questions asked i will refund your money

I'm just starting budding founder, should I consider the services?

There are many people starting out a business but tech is not your forte and tech market conditions changes daily. Taking expert services even just consultation can help you clear up your mind on many aspects

I ma working on a new product or SAAS is this helpful to me?

R&D of novel solutions is my favorite job, if you have the passion bring it on...

Hi, I’m Rohan Girdhani.

I've been a private tech consultant since 10 years and doing professional services my entire career. 😲

  • I've worked with 40 startups and US government projects too.

  • My work has been featured by Dubai as youngest tech leader.

  • I've navigated a 7-figure exit for my own startup

  • I developed and applied an practical approach to software blueprinting customized for different teams.

All working privately. Bootstrapped. Because of a learning and providing value mentality. Plus...I still run my own services once every two months to help kids achieve leadership mindset from early age. Hopefully by now it's clear that I’m not a business coach. So everything I do there, plus decades of lessons, I am here to work with you one on one we as a team.

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