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In the recent decade, the business approach to information management has shifted dramatically. To keep up with the fast-changing modern world, businesses are looking for digital transformation solutions. IT outsourcing services stand out in this context to assist companies in gaining a competitive advantage.

Any firm can move its focus to its core strengths and get resources that would otherwise be unavailable by outsourcing IT services. This relieves the in-house IT team — if there is one — of some of the burden, allowing them to focus on other vital issues.

Tech corporations are increasingly outsourcing software engineering teams. Hiring offshore software engineers to bring your IT project to life comes with a slew of benefits. According to Deloitte's 2016 Global Outsourcing Survey, the critical motivations for outsourcing software development are the opportunities to save money, focus on core competencies, and handle capacity constraints.

What Is IT Outsourcing?

IT outsourcing refers to a company's decision to outsource a portion of its software development outside of its in-house organization to save money and maintain control over all processes. You delegate task execution to your partner while keeping an eye on everything.

IT outsourcing can be done in two ways: from outside the country or from within the country. Outsourcing can be classified into three categories based on where the service is delivered:

The three types of IT Outsourcing

  • Onshore
  • Nearshore
  • Offshore

Onshore Development

It is the process of recruiting professionals who live in or near your city. It's an excellent way to keep things under control at a reasonable price.

Nearshore Development

It outsources to countries in the same time zone as it is. It is easier to connect with developers if you choose this option, but it is not always profitable.

Offshore Development

It's offshoring to a different country. This style enables you to save the most money.

3 Common IT Outsourcing Models

It would be best to choose a cooperation model before signing a contract with an information technology outsourcing provider. While different types of IT outsourcing cater to other geographical locations, the outsourcing business model determines how you interact and your eventual goals. Here are the three most common IT outsourcing models, together with their benefits and drawbacks.

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Model-Based on Projects

How it works: The client engages a team to carry out the planned and defined portion of the project. The project manager from the outsourced team is solely responsible for the project's quality and performance.

When to use this model

The project-based IT outsourcing model is best for projects that aren't too complicated and have well-defined functionality.

Benefits of Model Based Projects

  • Clear timeline and the outputs
  • Save time for your in-house team
  • Get things done quickly
  • Fast Hiring
  • No micromanagement
  • Full responsibility lies on PM shoulders


  • Less control over the project
  • Lack of flexibility
  • The result may be excellent and well-planned but doesn't meet industrial requirement standards or best practices

Model of Dedicated Team

The client hires a team to construct a project for them, and that team will only work on that project. A dedicated staff is more invested in your project than a project-based model. An outsourced team serves as your technical and product advisor in this strategy. As a result, it can provide suggestions and recommendations.

When should you utilize dedicated team model?

The dedicated team IT outsourcing model is appropriate for early-stage firms with high growth potential, complex long-term projects with expansion potential, and projects with many ambiguous needs. The dedicated team is the way to go if you want to validate your idea, find product-market fit, or construct an MVP to test the market.

Benefits of Dedicated Team

  • More control over the processes
  • Working with professionals with more outstanding expertise in your specific company
  • The final products meet requirements and solve the problems
  • More flexibility
  • No micromanagement
  • Extra time for your in-house team to work on the bigger picture.


  • You have more responsibility on the project
  • Long hiring processes

Model of Out staff

It's a sort of IT outsourcing in which you engage distinct professionals because you don't need a full-fledged development team. When a project necessitates hiring a handful of more professionals, you have the option of hiring out staff personnel to fulfill that scope of work.

When to use Out Staff Model

The Out staff IT outsourcing strategy is best for short-term projects because there's a chance your Out staff individuals will leave after a while.

Benefits of Out Staff Model for Business

  • No need to hire the whole team
  • Fill the gaps in your project fast
  • Flexibility to hire as many professionals as needed


  • Long search and recruiting processes
  • More time on the on boarding.

Why You Should Use IT Outsourcing

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You're an expert in your field with a great idea.

IT outsourcing is a good option if you're an industry expert with a good idea that solves a real problem. Your primary goal in this situation is to enter the market and test the solution quickly. An outsourced team will assist you with validating the idea, creating an MVP to test the hypothesis, and modifying your product to meet market demands. It saves you money and time while also allowing you to achieve your goal.

You're working on a startup that's still in its infancy.

It's normal for early firms to spend money before putting together a strong team and a ready-to-market product. Financial issues are the third most common reason for startup failure, according to Failory. So, while investors fund your organization, it makes more sense to save costs by engaging an outsourced staff of professionals. You may hire a full-cycle product development studio to address all of your concerns and bring your concept to reality.

Technical Assistance Is Required

Even if you currently have a ready-to-use solution that requires some technical enhancements – back end component frameworks, new language, corporate software connections, UX & UI design – it makes more sense to locate an expert partner. IT outsourcing can handle a wide range of tasks, and it saves you time that you would otherwise spend hunting for skilled employees.


We tried to dispel the idea that information technology outsourcing is all about low-profile deliverable and last-resort decisions in this essay. We discovered that even large IT companies gain from Outsourcing. IT outsourcing is also an excellent way for early-stage companies to save time and money.


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