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How Appzoro was able to develop multiple live streaming platform from a single handset in a week

Introduction - Live streaming was available in the market but the demand was to reduce streaming devices to just one (your mobile handset). No provider was providing the facility to stream to multiple platforms from a single mobile camera. The team was on the task for more than 2 months but with no success. The problem and demand both were on top of the company.

Streaming to multiple platforms from a handset's camera requires a ideal combination of memory optimization and streams

  • Approach

    HEATING HANDSET- Devices were heating very fast in fact the very latest models of the apple. The situation leads us into a place where the multiple streamings were heating up the device faster then a game application. We have to divide the memory in every stream and optimize it to match the available device space.

    STREAMAXIA - The platform gave us a library where you could play with the streams and integrate your own code on the base streaming library. We were testing out different architectures to match out the requirement of the application, and were able to do so in a week.

  • Conclusion


    It's not always a very direct the solution to everything. A the new problem requires a fresh perspective and a deep dive into the problem. Streamaxia taught us about the required knowledge how typically a stream works and how you can manage the the device's available memory to hold a stream.


    • Understanding bitrates
    • Streamaxia
    • Latency
    • Multiple streams

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