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How COGNOSOS developed its asset tracking app while balancing the optimisation aspectsro

Connecting multiple bluetooth sensors and maintaining their connection with the mobile app was a problem and used months of development to get it to a stage where the mobile app was handling all the memory load and managing multiple locations at once and giving a smooth experience to the actual users.

To achieve the results we shifted to a memory based approach which would resolve the unexpected amounts of data and dependence on third parties to load the location maps. Scanning and managing the sensors was a part of it but the actual problem came when there were nonstop crashes at various locations without leaving a trace of it and things got real hard very soon as the app had to reach for the next funding round soon.

Connecting millions of assets to gain real-time visibility and intelligence requires problem-solving innovation, technology built to scale economically, and solutions born out of serving real customers. Cognosos complete asset tracking solutions are the only ones built with all three.

  • Approach

    Tracing memory - Leveraging memory tracking methods at each point of estimated crashes, gave us an idea of where the problem could be. As the crashes were non traceable not even in the official Xcode for iOS apps or the Android Studio for android apps. We took a measure of memory loads at various points and diagnosed the memory specifically and reduced it to a level where the app was performing now but still getting freezed.

    Performance and data load - Performance testing and measuring data loads at the points where the app freezes guided us deep into levels where the app was able to handle the memory but the use of third parties like google maps wouldn’t allow us to map all of the data together. We then used the dynamic loading of data to match the google standards for managing data and making sure we aren’t sending all the asset tracking location at once and still able to make the user experience smooth.

  • Conclusion

    We have to cross traditional methods of finding problems and think out of the box to deliver the best solution to the problem as we cannot deliver any under-delivered product which could hamper the company’s reputation. Crashes due to memory problems are still existent and causing developers days to find the issue but planning on memory early on can help you skip these problems. Explained in one of the blogs how to avoid the problems while development could guide on an approach to follow.

    Cognosos has a fine-tuned application and earned its 4th funding round with 4.5M $ as Early Stage VC. Visit Cognosos


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