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How BlockChat Developed its messaging with Ethereum

BlockChat aims to be the 'decentralized WeChat', offering a truly global communication and payments platform for users and other applications. The idea was introduced as cryptocurrencies were increasing in the demand and in the market. The company was struggling to find the use cases best suited for the market and they introduced the concept. Block chat was maintained using ethereum and was also tried over the bitcoin networking system to find the best-suited stack for them and a clear path to move forward. The project was one in a kind and it pushed us to make changes and MVP very soon.

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  • Approach

    ETHEREUM - Ethereum being a developing network, we have to make our enhancements to convert it in form of a chat and store the identities in distributed systems for our own Ethereum network. Every genesis file helped us maintaining our own series of networks in the blocks. The database was also distributed with copies saved in other systems.

    MULTI-SYSTEM TEST - After our initial development of the blockchat, we needed to move and test out our network systems and make sure everything is stable. The problem arises when we had fewer resources actually trained in blockchain technology. The time tested the systems and we were able to deploy it on all our systems and soon it was live.

  • Conclusion

    Ethereum was developing and gaining market over Bitcoin, the idea was to build on a network which s growing at a reasonable pace. The system was working and anybody could just download the application and start connecting his/her device over the ethereum network. But personally, chat the application was not the right usage of the blockchain technology as blockchain should be applied over a a system where the data is widely distributed.


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