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How IMSAFENOW made safety for women and children possible with technology

The vision was to use beacon technology o make a network of connected devices and provide an application for the users to be available for help to each other as well as connecting the family in times of stress or immediate danger. We need to be working with beacons and make sure every beacon is always in connection in spite of a low network and making sure we are not accessing accidental click of buttons and it processes the information correctly over the application network as this could be a the problem in the real world. You cannot bet anything or take risks when someone is in real danger. An in-depth analysis of the technology and its properties and problems while maintaining the aspects of performance was the key.

Leverage technology to empower women and children for their own physical and mental safety through IOT and a network of helpers and counselors.

  • Approach

    PERFORMANCE AND BEACONS - We were struggling with the unreliability of the beacons. We did a deep dive on the device and developed a custom system on how the beacon would respond in different scenarios also maintaining the performance in a low network which would even respond in 2G network as the person could be anywhere in the world while in problems.

    TRACING MEMORY - Leveraging memory tracking methods at each point where the problem could be. As the crashes were non-traceable not even in the official XCode for iOS apps or the Android Studio for android apps. We took a measure of memory loads at various points and diagnosed the memory specifically and reduced it to a the level where the app was performing

  • Conclusion

    We needed to realize the importance of the application we were building and learn the very deep of the underlying technologies to handle the situation and requirements presented in front of us. You can always modify any system according to your needs and nothing is just limited, you can always expand the depth horizon and create communicating libraries for your needs. IMSafeNow mission statement “We want to see a world where everybody feels safe and nobody feels they are alone.” really drove us in the the direction of building a consistent application architecture.


    • Low latency networks
    • Bluetooth beacons
    • Customizing slots

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