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How Judicial Innovations achieved cost reduction and faster time to market with server less & blueprint plan

Making one-of-a-kind experience with everything very dynamic as court systems and decisions are unpredictable and involve different varieties of users. With a vision to make the court systems process smoothly and make onboarding as easy as possible in 10 minutes. To achieve the results we were learning the court’s business, their specifics learning from all possible scenarios. With that, we have to meet the market, with just a vision in hand. All that came possible with months of effort and building 4 platforms simultaneously. Judicial innovation is a truly dynamic platform that can suit any the court’s need, it is built to keep the dynamic aspects of technicalities.

Using our system allows for increased access to justice. Creating Convernience for court staff and the public allowing for timely and effective case closure.

  • Approach

    BLUEPRINTING - The crucial part of Judicial Innovations are its dynamic nature and making decisions correctly for every scenario as you can’t make failures in the real court environment it could be very messy. The architecture was modeled before starting any work which involved cloud to end logic's which helped us throughout the process to make the platform a success.

    SERVERLESS - Serverless is a new tech in the market helped us reduce a a significant amount of time by providing APIs SDK, and latency without any overhead costs. The problem arises when the changes were to happen, this taught us about the ALIAS system of the serverless which streamlined our processes and allowed us to maintain and distribute traffic as per the traffic load

  • Conclusion

    We have developed a fine tuned platform integrating the dynamic needs of the the court system and legal regulations. Modeling should be done at each level of the system and not just the flow of the project, this really helped us in building the old non-IT court systems of the US into smoother applications. We were concurrently in the cycle of requirement analysis, development and improvements to reach the market on time. Judicial Innovations have brought an advance in the court system making it easier than ever for the users to resolve and complete their cases with a virtual court management system.


    • Serverless & Cloud9
    • Blueprinting
    • Alias and routing
    • SDKs

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