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How process automation helped Skoozi reach the market 4 months earlier

Skoozi uses a self-made video editor with FFMPEG and process automation was the key to make skoozi a fast-to-market product. Skoozi required faster designs and was already worked on by another the company which made us follow the same structure but still integrating the best of features.

The exposure to FFMPEG was the first with skoozi and made a learning curve in the project. Skoozi needed to be a faster development due to its standing market and press releases, which allowed us to innovate the process and make it move forward

Mobile Application Connecting fans and celebrities, continue to have an impact on the mobile media marketplace. Well-known actor romany malco is utilizing the skoozi platform to find talent for his new movies, "Prison Logic".

  • Approach

    FFMPEG - FFMPEG is a river in itself, it's still unexplored, and many of the top market products work and are powered by this library. We had to study the documentation in deep but it enabled us to achieve the device-specific results we needed for the platform as it would be used by celebrities and the quality was the top priority.

    PROCESS AUTOMATION - The platform used design to code, pipelines, and device farms as the main automation a methodology where it enabled the developing company to produce products faster and in a reusable manner where it was a traditional setup earlier with each phase wasting around 40 % of the time

  • Conclusion

    Skoozi was a learning the project helped us explore FFMPEG which enabled us to work better and optimize the editing process in a faster manner. Process automation turned the designs to code 60% faster. Test and pipelines allowed skoozi to gain 50% faster release to market strategy.


    • FFMPEG
    • Design to code
    • Device farm
    • Pipelines

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