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How Truck Your Way got the perfect mix of interface and user experience

Truck your way had been a one-of-a-kind experience, with developments done over in the past before it came to use the app was not in a state of release. The user base being customers and truck drivers (who could have a hard time using the app). In Spite of development for so long the product was still off track and a new app had to be built.

The app contained everything starting from the user interface/user experience to the logic and algorithm to match the exact business needs. We were in development for more than 1.4 years to bring out the best possible benefits and experience with the app. And Leann Steinberg the visionary had a very strong relationship with the app and the business and to bring that out in the structure of the app it was very necessary to get the best possible outcome. We were losing business as the application was delayed and there were still features to be resolved.

Truck Your Way streamlines logistics when you, the consumer, need materials and trucks fast.

  • Approach

    Planning Course - A mix of project management and technical skills were useful to plan out the application with UI/UX and the business logic that would stand the test of time. We needed due diligence in planning out even the smallest of iterations while using expertise in the business model, environment, technical aspects which made the product successful and stand in the long run with no to minimum updates.

    Automated Device Testing - We had a custom script that could run the application on all possible versions of the mobile devices available in the market which would be recorded and issues would be then addressed directly from the logs. Due to the dynamic content and interface of the app, we decided to test out the experience in multiple devices available in the market to make sure our dynamic interface does not have problems with the real users.

    Proprietary Business Algorithm - The major part of the app was dependent on the algorithm we needed to create and excel which included the dynamic nature of the app including assignment of the trucks, drivers, materials, locations while managing different types of services and ever changing records of the same. The algorithm is and will always be the key to the success of the app.

  • Conclusion

    Understanding the customer’s business in detail and getting to interact with every possible outcome of the scenario is very important. Connecting the business needs with the technical aspects not just to produce a product but to actually stand in the market and deliver for what it was made for is always the key. Truck your way was an amazing experience and learning curve to logistics and learning technical aspects of what to do when every solution is to be built considering the dynamic nature of the business.

    Truck your way is running in the state of Georgia delivering its trucking services and delivering and handling everything required for construction and best possible prices. Visit Truck Your Way


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