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How Uspace Developed its first end to end encrypted messaging platform

USpace was introduced when WhatsApp, Slack didn't have the end to end encryption and were targeting the organizations to use the platform. Uspace followed a policy and was tested on different levels to achieve a stage where it passed the CIA Triad and related laws on user security.

USpace had a key system where each message was encrypted by unique key chains and can only be decoded by the parties to the chat. The most important aspect was not only the encryption of the messages but also every media and related details of a particular user. Users were given access on the ground level to select the privacy

Uspace Delivers Discreet and Private Communications network Available to the Public

  • Approach

    VULNERABILITY & PENETRATION - Even after integrating all the security protocols. Tests such as maps, intrusion, failover, and ACLs revealed so much about the final platforms which helped us make it more secure. There is always a scope for security in any platform. Some are more secure some don't have any security. The platform had 100 open ports.

    QUEUES & LOGGING - The queue was added to the the platform which made sure of the right polling to the users as well as we had every task in the queue system associated with the platform. The logging was not only done at the system level but even at the infrastructure level which allowed us to shut down any infrastructure changed without the platform's permission.

  • Conclusion

    We needed to go over the whole architecture 4 times and made sure that USpace was delivering what it was supposed as the stakes were high and the market was expecting the platform. Queues and vulnerabilities made sure we are standing every aspect of the user security to pass the CIA triad. Uspace became the first end to end encryption platform.


    • Vulnerability
    • Infra logging
    • Queue system
    • Polling
    • Encryptions

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