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How VUMI was able to test it's mobile app in over 1200 different mobile devices in 10 days

Vumi being a react native application and a multi-animated platform for user engagement, was one of a kind application. The test results were not aligned with the final application as animations were hanging and changing even in the same OS but different versions like in Android KitKat. The need arisen as the application can be run on any device avaiable in the market.

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  • Approach

    APPIUM - Traditional testing methods and testing teams were out of ideas, where then we implemented the appium automation testing and guided the team to onboard in the fastest possible way by giving script leads. The team was able to onboard in around 5 days and the script was ready to go.

    DEVICE FARM - A new stack that is still unexplored by many companies are device farm, we used device farm's capability to test out our processes in ver 1200 devices with each test having its own video record and logs while running. This helped us know the exact devices and places causing the bugs.

  • Conclusion

    Testing can be expanded to multiple devices at the same time. If a need arises where application's behavior is fluctuating in different devices, it should be ensured we are testing it in every available device current market so the the platform stands true in the production environment.


    • Automation testing
    • Device Farm
    • Appium
    • Test scripts
    • Video logs

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