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The consulting services remove your technological barrier and fast pace your development process in a structured manner.

The services are fully customized to suit the business and reach the target market considering the latest trends in the tech space.

  • Some services include:
  • Cloud specialty
  • Algorithms and structures
  • Hand on code with 18 platforms
  • Neural networks

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If you want to connect directly then you can send a mail to info@rohangirdhani.com

Rohan Girdhani works with more than 40+ Startups and organizations as an IT Consultant actively holding PMP® making the best use of his passion and skills for working with startups to get the best out of the idea and vision of the product.

Rohan Worked on 18 platforms and certified with cloud & management, successfully delivering and helping over 40 startups. And awarded with the Top 50 Tech Leaders Award in Dubai.

The modern era also comes with a little bit of a competitive edge. So, in this competitive era, using technology as a kind of support to enhance your business skills and opportunities can be a great way.

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We are working with entrepreneurs, Startups, Organizations, and companies.

We are providing services like Product Research, Security & Cloud, AI/ML, Software Review, Project Management.

For more info contact us here at info@rohangirdhani.com.

Rohan will work with your Company Founders, CEO, CTO’s, managers to understand your goals, determine requirements and processes to match your company with a professional who is best suited to help you achieve your expectations.

Rohan will be guiding on how to reach a goal with the best possible structure and will provide a blueprint for the same.