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Covering 5 aspects we tend to miss and overlook which results in maximum product failure. Be wise and happy learning

“Knowledge is power and knowledge shared is power multiplied”
- Robert Boyce

The Ebook guides you by presenting the data in intuitive examples and explaining each strategy into further detail. This covers your lifecycle starting from planning to development to deployment and security. Get your copy today and start thinking deeply on the decisions we are making daily for our product.

  • Helps you in identifying core features and plan accordingly
  • Helps in better understanding and sometimes even gain a competitive edge
  • Helps in knowing exactly what happens with your product
  • Helps in faster development lifecycle and manage resources effectively
  • Helps in user retention and understanding how we should be thinking

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Who is Rohan Girdhani?

Rohan is a Commerce turned IT professional. Started his journey by chartered accountancy. Then learning the trade of textiles and learning from scratch to build his cloud-based integratable accounting application which turned regional software to cloud-based. Then learning from success and failure in over 5 businesses, now working in over 18 platforms and certified with cloud & management, successfully delivering and helping over 40 startups. And awarded with Top 50 Tech Leaders Award in Dubai. Now an IT Consultant actively holding PMP® making the best use of his passion and skills for working with startups to get the best out of the idea and vision of the product.

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5 Ways to Proof Your Software Strategy

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We have used and learned these strategies by working and scaling over 40+ startups and business. These are the ways which is mostly the problem unidentified in major products leading them to either user failure or market failure. Get it before your competition gets it.

New product or scaling to new programs

I need a plan and strategy for development with PMP projection worth $1000, FOR FREE

This is how we proceed, we would be targeting your business needs and strategic objectives by doing research on the market and your product. We would be giving you a go through strategy customized for your business needs to move forward with custom development and architecture plan.

Our free deduction strategy targets your business to the core, so we have insights which could help you which were never expected before. We target your business and problems separately then what we create is known as heat mapping and sherlock vision which reveals insights what we term always as deep work.

We often charge 1000$ for this type of session, but this is for free sharing the insights which could help you with proper tools and knowledge, where you are the narrator not the compromiser.

You would be empowered with insights and traps which could or are being a blockage in moving forward, using our best customized strategy which is considering the top-notch software and market trends.

There is no obligation on you to take up any of our services. Session is free of charge and from any terms.