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“Knowledge is power and knowledge shared is power multiplied”

- Robert Boyce
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We Empower your stake

…and streamline objectives

We help you make professional project management documents and planning which gives you the power to have a start to end strategy and divisions of all the project phases in a structured way. From now on, you would be the actual narrator of your product, not the other way round where product was developed at the disposal of the person or company working. Using ready to go market and product strategy we stand at every point of your product journey to empower your stake.

Business growth

Idea to implementation

that stand the test of time

Have an idea or stuck in between? Incomplete or lost product vision? We focus on the idea and make sure it turns to reality it was started for and not for the vision that was compromised at all stages. A product is as good as it was planned and developed which is now a dream due to compromises made at all stages due to the explanations given to you which are only degrading the product over time.

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Resource & Risk Planning

to mitigate & discover opportunities

Covering the aspects of the timeline with resource planning and forecasting risks in the process, we help you out to convert the risks and threats which were not even realised to be converted to opportunities and minimise the resource and monetary loss. Planning in every aspect starting from initiating and ideation to the final finished product makes a product stand at every phase and also let us handle the unknown risks in a better way which is a main reason many product are not even completed and always in progress.

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Product story alignment

that will market your vision

Aligning the product to match your vision affects the user directly and bonds them to the product, without a story and vision presented via the product a user usually distracts from the product and chances are user loss. We create a user retention strategy with your product story marketing in the right way and always be present in your product usage and actions. A proper plan also consists of a story implementation and making sure we are taking care of it and all phases.

Dear Entrepreneur,

Imagine what it would be like building a product without knowing the actual technology you are using and just trusting whatever a company is telling you. Most of the time do you even know why exactly are you using it? The answer is generally NO

Think about it again. Getting the best tech stack for your product considering the scalability, product features, user distribution, and many other factors that aren't even considered, would be the bliss you will be doing to your product's success. Technologies are being selected only on the basis of the resources available and not keeping in mind the product's vision. Empowering you with the right knowledege and if required even handling and getting hands dirty with the most crucial code and cloud tasks to form a part of our work.

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Identifying Tech Stack

…to get the best possible product

No more dependency on companies or developers as per their resource facility. We would be giving and analyzing the best tech stack for your product which would use the product's story, vision, scalability, emerging trends, and much more. Product launch and success detremination would not be compromised anymore and saving our time, energy and capital invested in the product. Getting the best of the industry standards with a deep root analysis being done over many successful products.

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Scalability & Retention

that stand the test of time

A well-developed product is still prone to disaster in the real environment with real users and that could affect our business and product reputation in a bad way and making users never come back. A proper scalable product includes checks and tests which it should pass before going to a live environment to stand the metrics and make user experience like never before. Being developed and scaled over products and seeing many products failing due to the unawareness of the tests and practices beforehand.

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Code Audit & Review

to ensure the success probablity via code

Auditing the final product code and doing an interval audits makes sure your product is following the best standards and is beieng developed taking in checks the code failures that are unseen in many situations. Often a product code is written but they have so many unchecked and uncalculated problems that could create issues when going live and making the product unstable and every bad experience results in bad business. We make sure via our root review system that we have what we need to go live with detailed analysis.

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Business logics & Algorithms

that stand in every aspect of the vision

Writing best business logic to code and creating custom algorithms that are faster and scalable for the product making development much easier by handling the root logics into code which can be used anytime and with multiple platforms and get the result in any conditions. Good algorithms decide the time taken to present the user with the expected business result such as Google's search algorithm which is the best piece of example of what this point is all about.

Having heard every now and then of data leaks, Architecture and server being hacked and losing millions of sensitive data to hackers and revealing the most crucial of business brings companies down. Cloud architecture and security have now became the topmost priority of companies before entering into public space but still many don't have proper measures and architecture defined. We make sure you have in and out knowledge of leaks and steps to take to make your product secure and sound.

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Cloud Architecture

…to ensure scalability and product performance

Defining and modeling your cloud architecture considering the product's story helps our product to withstand and traffic and also create better distribution of data. Now you can confidently explain the architecture and product story in business deals as well. Good architecture defines your product's security, usage, and metrics which makes the most of any good product when you are in a condition where your product could fail and trust me when I say businesses don't anticipate many underlying problems in advance which costs time, users and money.

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Resource & Cost Optimization

that makes product profitable

Your product could be deployed successfully to cloud but are you even aware of cost and optimization strategy. As per data businesses spend so much capital on the cloud which could be optimized and bring th cost down by around 30 %. Automation in the strategy ensures that your cost and resources are handled dynamically as the user engagement and market changes which allows your product cost to come down and makes sure you are not spending unnecessarily on the resources which were not given attention while deploying.

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Security & data protection

…to ensure user's and business privacy

Data leaks and hacking are now the most important problem in this era, with increasing data increases the risk for data leaks. We will be doing a step by step penetration test and ensure we have the best of security in place. Facilitating a product with the right set of security tools and strategies makes our product better stand in the open public. Guiding you with hacker's hack and security model makes your trust effective with other businesses and you can ensure users of their data security as well.

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User engagement model

that makes distribution effective

Engaging users are not only a digital marketing strategy. Understand this if your users are not able to get their data as fast as possible and getting it from the nearest place despite traveling from around the world. We power your product with the user engagement model as per your product traffic and vision for the product. Users get the best data and reach our product which increases their trust and effectiveness on the platform which plays a major role. Try taking this point on yourself how would you react if your data is not coming fast and then consider it is also optimized and well scaled.

“Trusted standards mean that industry doesn’t need to reinvent the wheel, that innovations will be compatible and work with existing technology, and that products and services will be trusted too. Governments use standards as trusted solutions to complement regulation, and they give peace of mind to consumers who know they are not putting themselves or their families at risk.”

- Acting ISO Secretary-General Kevin McKinley

Dear Entrepreneur,

The step which comes in for increasing the customer and government's trust on our product quality and process efficiency is to be proven, that where ISO comes in. We make your process ISO complaint and also enable you to receive certificate upon successfull audit and scrutiny directly at your work place. To know more about the process and apply for an ISO standard click the button below with detailed information about ISO and applying directly.


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